Man shocked when woman hands him bag with bloody newborn baby at door to hospital

Posted at 11:29 PM, Dec 04, 2012
and last updated 2012-12-05 20:03:56-05

Portsmouth, Va. - A bleeding newborn was left in a garbage bag and dropped off at a Portsmouth hospital.

The image haunts Justin Goldfarb.

"I dreamed about it a couple nights in a row and I hope I don't dream about it tonight," Goldfarb said. "I'm going to remember that when I'm old and in a wheelchair."

Goldfarb alerted a nurse about the bag, not knowing what was inside.

"And when she picked up the bag, you could see the baby's face in the bottom of the bag bleeding," Goldfarb said.

It happened at Maryview Hospital around 8 Saturday night.

Goldfarb was outside, walking in to visit his girlfriend when he saw a woman get out of her car, and place a bag near the hospital's entrance.

Virginia’s Safe Haven Law designed to protect newborns

The woman then shouted at Goldfarb.

"Hey you, can you come here, and I didn't think she was talking to me, so I walked over there and she was like, 'You need to take that bag inside,'" Goldfrab said. "She was nervous, she was scratching her arms and forearms, I guess she was kind of nervous."

The woman then drove off, soon the hospital staff picked up the bag, and to their horror a bloody newborn baby was inside.

"It was dripping out the bottom of the bag, I don't think it was gushing," Goldfarb said.

The newborn was found cold to the touch, but is doing okay now and is being taken care of by the Maryview staff.

"I'm not sure why people would do that when she could just take it in to the hospital instead of just dropping it off at the front door and expecting somebody else to take it in," Goldfarb said.