Security firm steps up for widow who sleeps with hatchet after thieves stole her gun

Posted at 11:44 PM, Dec 05, 2012
and last updated 2012-12-06 06:28:23-05

Virginia Beach, Va. - A widow was scared after she says someone broke into her home and stole her gun. After the break-in, she started sleeping with a hatchet under her pillow!

"I can swing this pretty good, but that gun was the thing, you know?" Camilla Wheelock said.

After our story aired, a Newschannel 3 viewer took action to help Camilla Wheelock.

Dave Kershaw saw her story and wanted to help get her started on a home security system.

"Sleep nice and sound and then you don't have to sleep with your hatchet anymore," Kershaw said. "I give you props, you've been working out so you can swing it good right?"

Gun-toting granny in Virginia Beach now sleeps with hatchet for protection

Kewshaw works for Power Home Technologies and offered his expertise and supplies to make Wheelock feel safe at night.

"You can call me once a month, and I can walk you through how to do that as well," Wheelock said. "I don't mind helping you out, giving you a little bit of time to help you out with that as well."

He's working on setting Camilla up with a remote to turn her system on.

The peace of mind gives more than comfort to Wheelock.

"It makes me really understand, 'Hey you're not out here by yourself,'" Wheelock said.

Camilla's husband Leon died in February. He left his gun to her so she could protect herself. When it was stolen last week, she felt helpless. But the generosity of Kershaw has righted that wrong.