Ladies of Harley take part in 12th Annual Ride for Children at Lake Taylor Hospital

Posted at 7:14 PM, Dec 09, 2012

If you were driving along Virginia Beach Boulevard Sunday afternoon, you may have hit some traffic.
That’s because the lanes were packed with motorcyclists making their way to Lake Taylor Hospital. That’s the sound of more than 100 bikers revving their rides on their way to the hospital for the 12th Annual Ride for Children.
Our cameras followed the Ladies of Harley all the way there, where they delivered donations and gifts to children.
Organizers say over the years, they`ve raised about $225,000 and this year, they`re expecting the cash to keep coming in.
“I can feel the sand, the air, the water.  These children cannot. They are confined to the hospital, they have severe learning disabilities. Many of them will never get out of the wheelchair, and for that, I give thanks every day that I have what I have.”
The Ladies of Harley will announce how much money this year`s ride brought in later this week.