Prosecutors: Mob victim ‘bludgeoned’ with own gun

Posted at 7:24 PM, Dec 10, 2012

From the beginning of their investigation, Chesapeake Police said that Charles Silva was beaten by a mob, but family and friends wondered for weeks why only one man was charged, and why he wasn't charged with murder.

“I was shocked, angered. I couldn’t believe something like this could happen,” said Navy Commander Chris Reaghard, a close family friend of Silva’s.

“It’s a horrible way to die at 77-years-old. It’s not the way anybody should go,” said Brad Cherry, Silva’s brother-in-law.

Monday, NewsChannel 3 learned that police believe they know the names of the other two involved, but want to collect more evidence before arresting them.

The new developments came in a bond hearing for Kyle Langreder--the 23-year-old is the only one charged in Silva's beating right now.

Prosecutors told a judge that Silva was hunting out of season on land he took care of around the Hampton Roads Executive Airport, when he ran into Langreder and two other young men on ATV's.

According to Commonwealth Attorneys, Silva told the three they were trespassing, and then fired a warning shot into the air.

Langreder's defense attorney contends that Silva even pointed the gun in the face of one of his would-be attackers.

At some point, according to prosecutors, the group of young men managed to pry the weapon from the 77-year-old's hands and "bludgeoned" him with the rifle before driving off.

“It was sad, knowing he survived it, knowing he drove home, and then went into a coma,” said Cmdr. Reaghard.

“It hurt. It hurt, and it continues to, because he suffered for five weeks after he was beaten until he died,” said Cherry.

Langreder's defense attorney admitted in court that his client was there, but said he was not the one that killed Silva.

Family members declined to talk on camera, but say Kyle tried to stop his friends from attacking Silva, and that he turned himself in to police because he wanted to do the right thing.

Their testimony wasn't enough to convince a judge to release the 23-year-old. He still remains in jail without bond.

Once Silva's autopsy is complete, prosecutors say more charges could be coming.


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