Contractors say Lincoln Military Housing won’t pay them

Posted at 9:49 PM, Dec 13, 2012
and last updated 2012-12-13 21:49:03-05

The Department of Defense pays at least $1,300 in rent every month for each family who lives in privatized military housing.

But NewsChannel 3 has learned the company in charge here in Hampton Roads may not be paying their bills on time.

"I don't know where the money is going."

Thaddeus Chong says he hasn't been paid in two months, after performing painting and drywall work for walker services, a subcontractor with Lincoln Military Housing.

But he doesn't blame his boss.

"I blame Lincoln, they know these guys are out here, painting, doing a good job for them. Probably at least $10,000 owed to the company that' s not there. Because of that, I can't get paid."

NewsChannel 3 first uncovered moldy living conditions in Lincoln Military Housing one year ago. Now, complaints are flooding in from subcontractors and their employees about the company not paying for work done to fix up those moldy units.

Even Lincoln residents have emailed in about the missing money. This one comes from Ruth:

These sub contractors have not been paid since September!!! The subs are told it will be here tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes. These men and women are working to improve the housing without getting paid for it. They have missed Halloween, and Thanksgiving, will they now have to miss Christmas because someone is holding their money hostage?

The upcoming holidays are the biggest worry for Dustin Simpson, who also worked for Walker Services.

"I got kids and stuff, responsibilities I need to take care of, that's my main concern right now. They get their money up front, these are military people living there. There is no way there is no money for these guys working so hard, I don't understand that."

NewsChannel 3 contacted Lincoln, and they sent us this response:

We are surprised to hear of a complaint because this is a new vendor with an invoice less than 30 days old which is being processed, so nothing is late or overdue.  Their invoices, and all legitimate invoices of vendors, are always processed in a timely and careful manner.