Man says he drove 20 miles out of his way due to Princess Anne Road closures

Posted at 12:25 PM, Dec 14, 2012

Video: Eric Levy has the latest update on the Princess Anne Road area lane closures. This man says he drove 20 miles out of his way to meet up with friends, due to the extensive delays and closures around the Kempsville area. 

Virginia Beach, Va. - Princess Anne Road East of Kempsville Road is closed in Virginia Beach. Construction equipment fell, crushing a gas line. It will be closed for 6-10 hours, officials say. 

According to Virginia Beach police, a piece of construction equipment properly parked in the 5200 block of Princess Anne Road appears to have caused a water main pipe to break. As the equipment continued to sink from its own weight, it shifted on its side and came to rest on a gas line, crushing the line - but there is no leak at this time.

There is an unknown amount of damage to the gas line under the road. Virginia Natural Gas and Fire reported there was no danger of an explosion, but there is an unknown risk of road collapse and an immediate need for repairs to the line.

There will be an interruption of gas service to some homes on Friday. 

The 5200 block of Princess Anne Road (east of Kempsville Road) will be closed in both  directions for 6 to 10 hours, according to Virginia Natural Gas. Westbound lanes from Witchduck/Kempsville Road are not being permitted down Princess Anne Road and will have to take Greenwich Road.   

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Bus service will be delayed or eliminated for students at Kemps Landing Magnet School, Larkspur Middle School, Plaza Middle School, Old Donation Center, and High School Academy students who live near the Princess Anne water line damage.

Police have set up barricades at Newtown Road and Princess Anne Road; local traffic is being permitted down Princess Anne Road for citizens to get to their homes.

Employees and customers are also permitted to get to the businesses along this corridor. Officials say all other traffic will be re-routed down Greenwich Road to Witchduck Road.