Investigators in Connecticut try to make sense of rampage

Posted at 8:54 PM, Dec 17, 2012

The parents of Jack Pinto and Noah Pozner said goodbye today to the six-year-old first graders. The funerals are the first of 20 for children slaughtered in their elementary-school classrooms Friday. Six faculty members from Sandy Hook Elementary also died in the rampage and will be buried this week.

Meanwhile, police confirmed today two staff members were wounded by gunfire, but survived. Their accounts will help investigators better understand how the killer moved through the school, what he might have said, and hopefully understand why this happened.

Police vowed to make sense of this seemingly senseless rampage, while at the same time conceding they have uncovered no connection between Adam Lanza and the school itself. No reason he blasted his way through a glass door and targeted first-graders in their classrooms. Investigators hope evidence seized at the home he shared with this mother will help them understand.

Sources told CBS News police found smashed computers in the home. Connecticut state police would not confirm that, but did say they have investigators ready to dissect hard drives for any clues that might answer the most perplexing question: Why?