Police search vacant rental homes for missing woman in Virginia Beach

Posted at 3:11 PM, Dec 25, 2012
and last updated 2012-12-26 14:07:11-05

Virginia Beach, Va. - Diane Hartzog went on a walk outside her Sandbridge rental home just after 12 p.m. Christmas Eve. Officials say no one has seen her since then.

"We've combed every inch of the 300 feet surrounding the house and covered as much as the broad area as we can," said Alek Hartzog, Diane's son.

The mother of three takes several different medications for severe depression.

"She has no ID, wallet, credit cards, or anything with her. It's very possible that she's mentally confused and doesn't know the address, this is a rental, we don't live here. We got here yesterday, she doesn't know the area at all," said her son.

Virginia Beach police have searched the entire Sandbridge and False Cape area for the 59-year-old woman by using a helicopter, K-9 units, and ATVs. Officers also passed out flyers to all of the households. The Hartzog family tells NewsChannel 3 that they are very grateful to all of the officers and volunteers that have helped try to find their mother.

Police suspended their search for Hartzog about 24 hours after her son last saw her.

"We've had experience with things not exactly like this, but she's mentally ill. We've had challenging experiences in the past."

Still, the family is hopeful in finding her alive.

The family and volunteers are still searchng for Diane - they are now checking vacant rental homes in the area. 

Anyone with information on Hartzog's whereabouts - please call Virginia Beach Police at 757-385-5000.