Christmas presents stolen from 6-year-old

Posted at 5:47 PM, Dec 27, 2012

Brittney Roy gave her 6-year-old son Eli an X-Box for Christmas.

Wednesday morning she came home from working at the hospital to see many of the gifts under the tree had been swiped.

"It has to be the worst Christmas because to come home the day after Christmas to find your possessions stolen is not what you imagined for your holiday season," Roy said.

First she noticed the TV she had bought as a present to herself was gone. Then the X-Box, which was still in the box, and a Wii.

Her two sons Eli and Isaac still play with what's left. Fortunately there's still a lot, since the burglars only were interested in high-end electronics. 

But how does a mother break the news to her 6-year-old?

"It took me a couple of hours to explain it and then when I finally explain it, he just said well I don't understand why bad guys do that," Roy said. 'And he said I'll just pray for the bad guys."

Amazing maturity from someone playing with wrestling figures and who still counts his age on his hands.

But what's tough for Roy isn't just what was taken, but how tough it's going to be to replace it all.

"I obviously have to work harder now just to be able to at least replace the things he has for my son," Roy said. "My TVs I would love to get them back but my biggest thing is just for my children."