Tenants may collect their belongings after Chesapeake storage unit fire

Posted at 7:42 AM, Dec 27, 2012

Chesapeake, Va. - A fire at Brentwood Self-Storage facility damaged 32 storage units on Saturday afternoon. 

Today, some renters will have the chance to go back and find out if they can save any of their belongings.

The owner of Brentwood Self-Storage says that a contractor will be going through the damaged storage units on Thursday.

Anything salvageable will be returned to its owner. 

Investigators believe that the fire was started by a rigged up heating system for snakes inside one of the units.

The facility's management team is setting up appointments for renters to collect any items that can be saved out of the damaged units. So far, eight appointments are set for today -  others will be scheduled.

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