Work starts to re-route sections of the Elizabeth River Trail

Posted at 5:20 PM, Dec 27, 2012
and last updated 2012-12-27 23:22:14-05

Work has started in Norfolk to re-route sections of the Elizabeth River Trail.

The re-routing work is being done so that work can begin for constructing a new Midtown Tunnel.

"It’s near where the new tunnel is going to be constructed," explained Leila Rice with Elizabeth River Crossings. "In a portion of the trail we are going to have a water line that is part of the fire suppression line for the new tunnel, so we will have to reroute a section of it for that purpose."

The trail will close just southwest of Olney Road and continue for 0.4 of a mile south to Plum Point Park.

While the trail is closed, a re-routed trail will open to detour around the closed portions.

"It’s going to come down Redgate Avenue, Olney, Botetourt, Stockley Gardens and we are making improvements there that will be a permanent addition to the trail once we’re complete so it will be an addition," Rice said.

Those improvements include ADA ramps, a paved path, crosswalks and new signage.

Work is being done on the new re-route and should be complete by early February.

The closed section of the Elizabeth River Trail will remain shut off until construction on the new tunnel is complete in 2016.

You can see a map of the Elizabeth River Trail Detour by clicking here.