Taking Action Getting a Job: Machine Operator

Posted at 11:27 PM, Dec 31, 2012
and last updated 2012-12-31 23:27:29-05

Job Number: 318137

Job Description: Machine Operator

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SUMMARY: The Keurig Machine Operator position is responsible for operating a machine to maximize production and maintaining GMCR’s high standard of quality.
SUPERVISORY RESPONSIBILITIES: These positions have no direct reports.
– Responsible for producing highest quality product in accordance with GMCR quality standards by operating a production machine following set standards and procedures.
– Assures safe operation of Keurig machine and adheres to GMCR safety procedures.
– Prepares machine for startup and shutdown procedures on a daily basis and follows set production schedule.
– Maintains inventory of Keurig supplies and tracks scrap quantities.
– Performs operator adjustments, quality checks, and repairs to machine as needed.
– Ensures cleanliness of machine and surrounding area.
– Communicates with others (on team, across shifts, and across departments) as needed for successful completion of work.
– Takes part in continuous improvement initiatives that directly impact work and quality of product.
– Follows all policies, procedures, ergonomic standards and safety requirements directed by GMCR and the department.
– Performs other duties as requested by management.

Special Skills (degrees, certifications, software, etc.)
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Strong mechanical aptitude of packaging machine operations.
– Strong decision making, communication, and problem solving skills.
– Self motivated team player with a positive attitude.
– Ability to get along with others, be punctual, and follow instructions from management.
– Ability to follow GMCR policies and procedures.
– Able to work flexible hours as required.