Don’t Jump in the Goose Poop

Posted at 5:03 PM, Jan 02, 2013
and last updated 2013-01-02 16:59:10-05
Mia is betting big while trying to win back the money and oil tycoon won from the Savoy.

Mia is betting big while trying to win back the money and oil tycoon won from the Savoy.

I love how you can tell the victim at the beginning of a crime show by which person the camera focuses on. Sorry casino dance, it seems your number was up.

Dad: Savino and the sheriff are great with their subtle threats to each other. I liked the kiss the ring moment.

Me: I did too, plus the fact that they were just throwing verbal punches at each other with the newly elected mayor standing there.

(Side Note: Savino sees the sheriff talking to the mayor. He asks if the sheriff has come to kiss the ring. Sheriff Lamb says no, but asks what Savino has come to kiss).

Dad: Did you see the oil guy’s face when he bet that million bucks? He knew he had the game in the bag.

Me: It was nice seeing someone who could outsmart Savino in a way.

Dad: Not for long. There’s no way mobsters would let you get away with that much cash. They’d kill you first.

The writers are really playing up Mia’s sex symbol in the middle of “Vegas.” I mean every guy goes for her, even if he’s just passing through.

Dad: Lesbians were rare back then.

Me: In the 60s?

Dad: Yeah. There weren’t a lot of women coming out, but you knew.

I did like the fact that this week’s killer wasn’t some recognizable actor. I feel like that just takes the fun out of solving the mystery. But I still knew it was him before the sheriff caught on.

Dad: Of course you did…

Me: Am I going to have to start calling you with my suspicions?

Dad: Maybe. I didn’t see that one as obvious.

Me: Remember the scene between the piano player and the dancer at the beginning of the episode? I thought it felt out of place.

One of my favorite plots was watching Savino keep the high roller inside his casino. From sabotaging the train tracks to having his meal specially delivered, Savino made sure the oil man kept his money in the Savoy.

Dad: Duck tastes a lot like goose.

Me: Where did that come from?

Dad: The meal that was delivered.

Me: Oh, right. When did you eat goose?

Dad: At Pop’s house. Remember? We had the pond with all the geese in the back.

Me: All I remember is you talking about how you didn’t want to touch your feet to the bottom of the pond when you jumped in because of goose poop at the bottom.

Dad: That was true too. I’m still not sold on the sheriff’s brother. I like him in “Terra Nova” but I’m not so sure about him yet.

Me: I think you’re the only person who watched that show.