A Fish Called Kate

Posted at 6:50 PM, Jan 08, 2013
and last updated 2013-01-08 18:40:47-05
Anthony DiNozzo Sr. drops by for a surprise visit for Christmas.

Anthony DiNozzo Sr. drops by for a surprise visit for Christmas.

Dad: McGee was the Beaver! Ha, ha, ha!

Me: I know! How are we just finding out about him being the school mascot? I have a feeling that joke is going to stick around for a bit.

It’s the holiday season, which means, let’s add some awkward family moments to our beloved “NCIS” team, specifically Tony. I love how Jack Wagner and Michael Weatherly play off each other so well as father and son. As soon as Tony brought up the ring to Ziva, you knew it was going to make an appearance.

Me: What did you think of Tony’s apartment?

Dad: It was pretty bland. And what’s with that small bed?

Me: I think it’s just his sanctuary. The one place he doesn’t want people to intrude. Did you catch the name of his fish?

Dad: No.

Me: It was Kate.

Dad: Ha, ha, ha. That’s a good one.

Dad and I both agreed that this week’s victim should probably be glad he’s dead. His wife was not happy with him, and she was not afraid to show it, even after she found out he was murdered. I was intrigued that they used the assassination of Osama Bin Laden to help them solve the case. Since the stolen money was taken on the day SEAL Team Six took him out, there were more cameras patrolling everything to prepare for possible retaliation.

Dad: Palmer wasn’t too bad in this episode.

Me: Are you feeling all right?

Dad: Yes, smartbutt.

(My dad really does say that).

Me: I liked when Palmer and Ducky tagged-teamed to distract Winter.

Dad: Yeah. It was a good moment for him.

Me: Also, did you see DiNozzo Sr. ask Ziva what Tony’s apartment was like? There were so many subtle moments in this episode.

Dad: Jack Wagner is a good actor, always has been.

Me: It’s weird for me to watch him now after I know about the mystery surrounding Natalie Wood’s death.

(Side note: I only learned about it within the past year).

Dad: I mean, he was big back in the day.

Me: He can’t be that old. I mean he’s probably around your age (70).

Dad: No. He’s older.

(Pause for Wikipedia search).

Me: OK, so he’s 85.

Dad: Thanks a lot. I told you.

Me: Well, he’s aged better.