Charging 20 Bucks for Mobsters

Posted at 6:55 PM, Jan 08, 2013
and last updated 2013-01-08 18:51:25-05
Sheriff Lamb and Jack investigate the murder of the biggest contractor in Las Vegas.

Sheriff Lamb and Jack investigate the murder of the biggest contractor in Las Vegas.

I was thoroughly distracted during this episode of “Vegas.” It wasn’t because of the plot or something else going on. As soon as I saw D.B. Sweeney all I could think about was “The Cutting Edge” and how much I wanted to watch the movie.

Dad: Did you see who the bad guy was?

Me: Oh yeah. As soon as I saw him I knew he was involved. Then I couldn’t stop thinking about wanting to watch the movie.

Dad: It is a good one.

Me: You know what bugs me? We never find out if they won the gold medal. I mean, it’s great that they fell in love but what about the medal?

Dad: Yeah, that always bugs me too.

Back to the story: D.B. Sweeney helped kill a guy by putting his body in a cement mixer. I think that was supposed to make police think the Mafia was involved.

Dad: Real mobsters would have buried him in the cement, not left him in the mixer.

Me: Of course you would know that…

I am glad the brother finally made his move on Mia. I mean I get that things were slow back in the day but at his pace I was expecting him to ask her out in Season 3. What I didn’t see coming was Rizzo killing the singer, his new fiancee.

Dad: Yeah, that was cold blooded.

Me: I’m glad she’s gone though. I was not a big fan of that actress.

Dad: There was a paper company in Jersey that was a Mafia front.

Me: Oh really?

Dad: Well you keep asking me how I know so much Mafia stuff.

Me: Continue.

Dad: Russ and I used to give riding lessons to the mobsters’ kids. I charged them 20 bucks an hour to ride.

Me: And slowly the pieces start to fall into place.