Don’t Waste Your Money: Trendy Tidying Tools

Posted at 10:42 PM, Jan 08, 2013
and last updated 2013-01-08 22:42:33-05

What do couples fight about the most? Money comes to mind — but wait! A just-released Consumer Reports ShopSmart survey finds almost 40 percent of couples fight more about messes! Here are some new tools that can help clean up clutter and maybe keep the peace, too!

Ever search frantically through a kitchen drawer, trying to find the right utensil? The Drawer Décor System for $26 holds your utensils in place so that they don’t slip. It’s a silicon mat and it comes in one size, but you cut it down to fit any kitchen drawer.

When traveling, do you end up throwing all your gadgets into your suitcase? Try the Grid-It. It’s a case that organizes your phones, cameras, and cords. It comes in different sizes, which cost $10 to $50.

Would like to banish messy dresser drawers? Then consider the cool clothing filers from Pliio for $50. You fold the item over a card, and then you tuck it into a little box that comes with the Pliio system. All your T-shirts will be lined up in a row so that you can pick one and pull it out without messing up the whole pile.

Tired of stepping over tiny toys? With the Lay-n-Go play mat for $65, you pull a drawstring and everything’s in a tidy pouch.

Just a few handy items can go a long way to getting your clutter under control.

ShopSmart also asked couples who’s the messiest? Thirty-nine percent of men say they are. The number was lower for women, but still sizable — 26 percent. And what are the two out-of-place things that drive people the craziest? Bills and keys.