An Unexpected Victim

Posted at 6:32 PM, Jan 10, 2013
and last updated 2013-01-10 18:29:41-05
Ziva's father shows up for a surprise visit and things go downhill from there.

Ziva’s father shows up for a surprise visit and things go downhill from there.

I did not see that one coming! That’s right, “NCIS” actually caught me off guard tonight. I was so distracted I didn’t pick up the foreshadowing.

Dad: You didn’t think Ziva’s father was going to be killed?

Me: I saw that part coming before the episode aired. Even the promo gave that away. I didn’t realize they were going to kill off the director’s wife.

Dad: Well, they pulled one over on you. Ha, ha. How does it feel to miss something like the old man does?

Me: I don’t like it.

Like I said, I was distracted during the episode. I was so focused on what was happening with Ziva and her father that I didn’t even notice all the screen time Vance and his wife were getting. But when Vance stood up in the kitchen, I knew it was his wife on the floor. Regardless, the last five minutes of the episode featured some amazing acting.

Dad: What do you mean?

Me: I started tearing up when Ziva walked in and screamed, “Abba.” Her face, the tone, and the anguish she felt just pushed me over the edge.

Dad: I liked Tony’s reaction.

Me: So did I. When he turned and looked at Gibbs to ask who was responsible, it was awesome. You could see his devotion for Ziva, his unspoken feelings, and his determination all rolled into one.

Dad: I feel sorry for whoever killed them.

Me: Who do you think it was?

Dad: I really don’t know. The preview showed Gibbs beating up on the Iranian.

Me: But that seems too simple to me. There has to be more to it.

Watching Gibbs stand outside the emergency-room doors was also heart-wrenching. You could see the worry in his face, mixed with anger, and just general Gibbs’ badassness. Dad’s right, somebody is in for it in next week’s part two. So who do you think hired the gunman?

Also, did you catch how freaked out the father was at the beginning of the episode? He was disturbed by the remains he caught on the fishing line, and his son thought they were cool. Just a sign of how much more desensitized each generation is becoming.