Walmart to hire veterans

Posted at 7:24 PM, Jan 15, 2013
and last updated 2013-01-15 19:24:41-05

Finding a new job takes time for just about everyone, but now, Walmart is trying to make it easier on veterans.

Walmart says that over the next five years, it will hire every veteran who wants a job. The hiring push is expected to start on Memorial Day, and any vet honorably discharged in the past 12 months is eligible.

"It gets their foot in the door, and it's a start. That's important,” said Bill Mann from the Peninsula Worklink.

 With the program, Walmart says more than 100,000 vets are expected to find work.

 The current unemployment rate for veterans is 10.8 percent, which is over three percent higher than non-vets.

 Over the past year, the Hampton One-Stop Work Center through Peninsula Worklink has helped almost 2,200 veterans find jobs.

 They know the challenge of taking a military career and putting it to work in the civilian workforce.

" We're looking at, what are their skills, their knowledge, their abilities. What kinds of experiences have they gained while they were in the military and from other employment experiences as well. that can help move them into in-demand occupations,” Mann added.

Walmart hasn't released the details on how they will reach out to veterans to get them the jobs, but the company is working with the White House and First Lady Michelle Obama on the hiring push.