Olives, Paternity, and a little Hebrew love

Posted at 6:35 PM, Jan 16, 2013
and last updated 2013-01-16 18:31:28-05
Ziva's wants closure and revenge when her father is killed.

Ziva’s wants closure and revenge when her father is killed.

Quick, someone teach me Hebrew! I was thoroughly distracted through the end of this “NCIS” episode trying to figure out what Tony whispered into Ziva’s ear.

Dad: What did he say? Your mom and I thought it was, “I love you.”

Me: So did I. It was actually, “At lo levad,” which I’ve learned means, “you are not alone.”

Dad: Oh. OK.

Me: Come on! That’s so sweet!

Some fans may have been disappointed Ziva and Tony did not kiss, but I’m glad. The way they let this relationship play out where there’s so much being said without specific words is great. Plus, the two actors are great at letting the specific emotions play out on their faces.

Dad: I didn’t like the two funerals at the end.

Me: I did. I thought it was great showing the contrast of what was happening for the two people.

Dad: OK, that makes sense. I did like when she planted the tree in honor of her father.

Me: I thought it was sweet when she picked olives in his honor. But, why did Ayal have to be the bad guy?

Dad: Who’s Ayal?

Me: The Mossad second in command. Ayal is his name on “Covert Affairs.” I can’t think of him as anything else.

Dad: You mean you didn’t catch that he was bad?

Me: No, I did. I just didn’t like it.

Dad: Too bad.

There were two big things Dad and I agreed on. First, the assistant director is a weasel. I hope he doesn’t stick around long.

Dad: That actor always plays the annoying person.

Me: Yeah. He doesn’t fit with my image of NCIS. He’s too weak.

Dad: Your mom actually likes Director Vance more than him.

Me: That’s bad. She hates Vance.

The second thing we liked, even though this was an episode heavy with emotion, the writers allowed for some funny moments. Two of my favorites: Ayal asks Ducky whose grandfather he is. Ducky responds, “Depends on who your grandmother is.” Awesome! I also liked when Tony came into his apartment. Ziva yelled that he should have knocked and Tony said, “I live here.” Ziva warned him that he almost died there.

Dad: Another good thing about tonight’s episode, no Jimmy.

Me: I knew you were going to say that.

And it looks like we’ll have to wait two weeks to see if Ziva is going after her father’s killer, or if Jimmy will show up again.