Tough Mudder Virginia Beach has yet to find a home

Posted at 7:14 PM, Jan 18, 2013
and last updated 2013-01-18 19:14:13-05

It's billed as probably the toughest race on the planet. It involves more than 10 miles of muddy running, through grueling obstacles that include electric shocks.

The Tough Mudder races have exploded in popularity, raking in millions of dollars, donating fortunes to charity, and pumping up local economies all over the country.

So last year when news of the first local Tough Mudder popped up, runners flocked to register. It's called Tough Mudder Virginia Beach, but after months of hype, it has no home. Not even Virginia Beach city leaders know where it will be. Even Tough Mudder says the Virginia Beach event could end up quite a drive away.

Beach officials said they found out about it through online ads and offered to help. Tough Mudder organizers said thanks, but no thanks. They were looking for private property.

Even so, Beach organizers say they need to keep an eye on it. A year ago in Frederick, Maryland, a Tough Mudder event on a private farm clogged highways and overwhelmed police. Authorities shut it down, prompting a company apology.

Virginia Beach officials tell NewsChannel 3 the event, if it comes, probably won't be in their city anyway. Private property big enough to accommodate the course, 10,000 runners and their cars, is scarce in the city. Their best guess is that an event like this would need to be somewhere between Suffolk and Petersburg. But the truth is, no one knows.

After weeks of calling and emailing, Tough Mudder organizers have not returned any messages. At this point, the only thing murkier than the course, are the details about where it will be.