Don’t Judge the Teddy Bear

Posted at 6:55 PM, Jan 29, 2013
and last updated 2013-02-05 18:52:01-05
Abby investigates her first case and tries to find the owner of the teddy bear.

Abby investigates her first case and tries to find the owner of the teddy bear.

When I first heard they were doing an Abby flashback episode on “NCIS,” I was really excited. What was she like as a kid? Who would they get to play a young Pauley Perrette? Did she ever not wear pigtails? So, I was pleased to have those questions answered. Dad, however, wasn’t the biggest fan.

Dad: Why was it all mushy and emotional?

Me: We’ve been through this, not every episode can be a shoot ’em up style.

Dad: I don’t see why not.

Mom in the background: Because you don’t like emotion.

Dad: That’s true.

Me: Was that your only complaint?

Dad: Yep.

Me: Well that’s not a valid one, so you liked it.

Dad: Gee thanks.

(Don’t worry, by the end of our conversation I brought him over to the dark side).

I still can’t get enough of Ducky’s little anecdotes and history lessons throughout the episode! This week’s lesson was about the first recorded automobile accident. I mean have you ever really thought about that? Go Google it, I’ll wait…

Back to the show, I was cheering when the male victim’s father got punched in the face. That guy was a do—- well, I can’t type it, but you get the idea. I never thought he was the killer though.

Dad: Nah, that would be too easy. Did you see the cousin coming?

Me: Nope. I was leaning more towards one of the two parents involved in the affair. They wanted to be together so their kids couldn’t, type of thing.

Dad: Did you feel all sad for the little girl who couldn’t have her teddy bear? (Dripping with sarcasm).

Me: Of course. No little girl should be without her teddy bear.

Dad: Yeah. Twenty-six-years-old doesn’t qualify as a little girl.

Me: Thank you Dad! Teddy is here with me in Norfolk but on my chair. I don’t sleep with him like I did when I was little. Geez!

Dad: Well how was I supposed to know?

(Side Note: I have a blue teddy bear that I’ve had since I was a little girl. It was my favorite and I still have it. No judging).

Dad: Oh, and what was with the little kid in Abby’s flashbacks.

Me: It was her brother.

Dad: I know. I was just relieved. At first I thought it was going to be Jimmy (Laughter).

Me: No. Once again you got a Jimmy-free episode.

Dad: That’s how I like ’em.

Me: See, I told you you liked the episode.

Dad: … … (Silence).

One of the sweetest parts to me was the fortune-cookie scene between Gibbs and Abby at the end of the episode. He saved the fortune/proverb she gave him on the first day they met. It said, “Today’s new friend is tomorrow’s family.”