Let’s go to the Ranch, I Want a Divorce

Posted at 5:53 PM, Jan 29, 2013
and last updated 2013-01-29 17:51:43-05
The women in Vegas are causing trouble this week

The women in Vegas are causing trouble this week

Dad: I remember those divorce ranches.

Me: They really existed?

Dad: Yeah. People would fly to Las Vegas, spend about six weeks or so, and come home divorced. It was a lot harder back then to get divorced.

Me: Harder in what way?

Dad: Well in Jersey, you could only get divorced if you had proof of adultery.

Me: So if I was married to a guy who was beating me, I couldn’t get a divorce in Jersey?

Dad: Nope.

Me: That’s rough.

It was fun watching Savino flesh out the snitch who’d been talking to the A.D.A. It kind of reminded me of when Michael Chiklis was on “The Shield.” That’s the side of Savino that’s great to watch. Where he’s trying to keep a control on everything and cleaning up the messes. He even thought his sidekick was the snitch.

Dad: That Rhino powder was also a real thing back in the day.

Me: How would you know? WAIT! Never mind, I don’t want to know.

(Side Note: The writers already insinuated it was the precursor to Viagra).

I did think it was interesting they chose to send Savino’s wife away. But I am more intrigued by the way Savino set up Rizzo. I am not a huge fan of Rizzo, but I see what he brings to the show for other characters. I’m not sure on whether he should get killed off. I mean, they already took out Angelo this season. You can’t have too many bodies lying around.

Dad: If Jack kills Rizzo, Mia will never forgive him.

Me: Unless she’s there when it happens.

Dad: That’s true.

My favorite couple to watch right now is Dixon and the secretary. I will say Dixon does clean up nice.