Mobsters Weren’t Made for the Country

Posted at 6:58 PM, Jan 29, 2013
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Rizzo kidnaps Jack after Savino makes him believe Mia is the snitch

Rizzo kidnaps Jack after Savino makes him believe Mia is the snitch

Well this episode of “Vegas” sure set up some interesting plotlines for the rest of the season. You have Jack killing Mia’s father, Jones working for Savino, and the A.D.A. determined to find where her snitch, Savino’s wife, went.

Dad: I’m not a fan of the A.D.A.

Me: Me either. But I wonder if they want us to feel that way a bit.

Dad: Why is that?

Me: Well I’m betting in that era it wouldn’t have been easy for a woman in that position.

Dad: True.

Me: So she’s trying so hard to prove herself that she just keeps screwing it up.

Dad: I can see that. My favorite part tonight was the whole road trip.

Me: Before the car broke down, it was great seeing them just goof off.

Dad: And it just got better from there. City boys weren’t made for the desert or the country.

Me: I feel a story coming on…

Dad: No. It’s just when the Jersey guys would come out to the country to lay low you could always spot them. They just don’t blend in.

Me: That doesn’t surprise me.

While Dixon was solving a singer’s attempted murder, which felt obvious to me, and the sheriff was cleaning up a mess made by the A.D.A., Jack was being tortured by Rizzo, his girlfriend’s father. I must say, he held up pretty well. But, you knew there was no way both of them were going to make it out of the room alive.

Dad: Did you see the coming attractions?

Me: Who says that? They’re called previews.

Dad: Same thing. Jack’s not looking good trying to keep the secret.

Me: I’m just amazed at the rate mob bosses are dropping in Vegas. I’m thinking Chicago is going to start wondering the same thing.

Dad: It’s funny watching them solve crimes versus “NCIS.”

Me: Why is that?

Dad: Well the other shows are so high-tech and on this one they’ve got to do everything low-tech.

Me: Yet they still manage to get it solved.

Dad: Speaking of which, I loved what Jack said to Dixon on the phone, “Get off the girl, get out the door, and get on the case.” That’s funny.