Where is Reid’s Happiness?

Posted at 5:51 PM, Jan 29, 2013
and last updated 2013-01-29 17:47:34-05
Reid needs the teams help when the woman he's in love with gets kidnapped.

Reid needs the teams help when the woman he’s in love with gets kidnapped.

I’m still stunned over last week’s “Criminal Minds.” I saw it coming but I really didn’t want to. How could the writers do this? It’s not right; Reid deserves to be happy at some point. So does the whole team, but this just keeps happening to people they love.

To fill you in, the stalker chasing Reid’s girlfriend found her. Then, she killed her. As soon as I saw Michelle Trachtenberg I knew things were bad. Post “Harriet the Spy,” she plays psychotic and vindictive very well. This episode was no different. From her anger over Maeve ignoring her thesis, to her desire to show how she was better, something just wasn’t right upstairs.

Random note, one of my favorite moments was when Reid was telling the team about Maeve. He shared that when she said, “Love you” at the end of one of their phone calls, he didn’t say love you back because he wanted to wait until they met. So sweet!

This episode had so many hidden meanings and words. Most were explained, like the code names and what the stalker said on the phone to Reid, but I saved my DVR recording so I could dissect everything again. Too bad the ending made me too stunned to re-watch it. I knew Trachtenberg wasn’t going to make it out alive after the team cornered her, or the ex-fiancé for that matter, but I didn’t think she’d take down Maeve. Then, with one bullet she killed herself and Reid’s happiness all at once.

The expression of Reid’s face was heartbreaking. We’d only known Maeve for really three episodes, but the devotion and happiness she gave one of our favorite characters gave her a level of devotion in our minds. I understand why the writers took Maeve out. It gives them more to play with, shows Reid his emotional side, or whatever, but I don’t have to like it. Hotchner lost his wife to The Reaper, Garcia was almost killed by the man who took her on a date, JJ almost lost her whole family because of the psycho bank robbers at the end of last season, and Gideon’s pseudo-girlfriend was killed by Frank. It really seems like the minds behind “Criminal Minds” don’t want the team to be happy. Those members who haven’t lost someone keep relationships at arms’ length.

Maeve’s death in no way will keep me from watching one of my favorite hours of television, but I will tread carefully in the future. Hopefully before the season is over Reid will finally see some of the happiness he is due. Seriously, it’s time.