74-year-old Suffolk woman says someone stole her washing machine

Posted at 9:04 PM, Jan 31, 2013
and last updated 2013-02-01 06:24:22-05

Suffolk, Va. - Who would steal a washing machine from a 74-year-old woman?

Catherine Goodman has lived in the same Suffolk home for 40 years. She doesn't understand why someone would break in and she's at a loss for how they were able to take off with something so heavy.

Goodman doesn't get out of the house much, moving around is tough for her.

She found out about the stolen washer in a strange way.

Tuesday afternoon, she was at a gas station on Main Street, filling up when she noticed her car's gas cap wasn't there.

"At this point you start thinking, hmmm, something's a little off?" says Goodman. "I said somebody done stole my gas top you know ‘cause it's a lock top."

Goodman then started pumping. Someone had messed with her gas tank. She had to get the car towed back home.

Then she started checking to see if anything else had been tampered with or stolen.

She couldn't find anything until she went to her back shed.

Goodman has lived in the country for all of her 74 years, but now she feels alone, after having her washing machine stolen and her car messed with.