VDOT runs out of money for resurfacing project

Posted at 12:01 AM, Jan 31, 2013
and last updated 2013-01-31 00:01:33-05

On Wednesday, VDOT was fixing potholes on the notoriously beaten down and torn up I-264 eastbound near Ballentine Boulevard.

Last week though, NewsChannel 3 learned the money for resurfacing the road had run out.

VDOT's funds dried up with barely half the project completed.

VDOT only had the most basic answers for how it was able to fix the potholes this evening, even though the money for the major project was gone.

VDOT says the work Wednesday is a temporary fix and the work is done on a routine basis.

But a spokeswoman couldn't answer whether this maintenance work will slow down, or even pick up as a result of resurfacing cash running out.

VDOT also could not tell NewsChannel 3 whether the money for Wednesday’s work came from the same funds as the resurfacing.

How did VDOT run out of money for the project?

We're told it didn't properly estimate how many potholes there originally were.

Resurfacing the westbound side was done, but it cost a lot more than anticipated, leaving VDOT with only enough money to fix one lane of the beaten up stretch that heads toward the Beach.


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