Mother of murdered Norfolk woman now concerned about grandson’s safety

Posted at 8:36 PM, Feb 06, 2013
and last updated 2013-02-06 20:36:28-05

Arlene Robinson now walks her grandson to Oceanair Elementary School every day.

After his mother was brutally murdered, she wants to watch over him.

“I`m very concerned because they’re kids. My daughter was 27-years-old. If she couldn`t fight him off, what makes you think a kid can fight em’ off,” says Robinson.

Arlene is Phylicia Robinson's mother. Phylicia was the Norfolk woman who was missing for months until her body was found in November in the closet of her next door neighbor’s apartment.

Arlene came up to NewsChannel 3’s Darragh Copley Wednesday morning, not knowing about what happened the day before near her grandson's school.

The grandmother became extremely emotional after learning about this latest abduction attempt.

It's the second attempted abduction near this school in recent months.

“I just felt sorry for the little boy, him walking to school by himself,” she says.

The school's campus is also close to where police found her daughter's body in a closet. The accused killer lived right next door to Phylicia, but there is no evidence that the two knew each other.

Since her daughter's death, the grandmother keeps a close eye not only on her 5-year-old grandson but the entire neighborhood.

“I`m concerned about all kids everybody it doesn`t matter grown-ups, too,” says Robinson.

That's why she's warning parents about the unforeseen predators living in our area.

“It’s crazy. People are crazy out here. They don`t care. If you care about your child, you will get up and you will walk them to school. I know people got to work. You’ve got to do something. The kids come first,” says Robinson.

This grandmother is even willing to take action to keep these children safe after losing one of her own.

“If you want to knock on my door, knock on my door. I`ll walk with them to school with my kids,” says Robinson.


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