Stealing the Italians’ Girls

Posted at 4:11 PM, Feb 06, 2013
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Mia is trying to cope after her father is killed by her boyfriend, Jack. She still doesn't know.

Mia is trying to cope after her father is killed by her boyfriend, Jack. She still doesn’t know.

Jack is not the brightest sheriff’s deputy I’ve ever seen. I get that he was a ranch hand who became a deputy only because of his brother, but he’s bumbling all over the place. First, he left the rope he was tied up with and the cattle prod Rizzo used on him at the home.  REALLY?! I know on “Vegas” they don’t have to worry about DNA yet but that just let everyone know there was someone else in the room. Then he changed out the fingerprint sheets and most noticeably he rewrote it in pen, instead of pencil like it had been, and in really poor handwriting. He’s just asking to get caught.

Dad: You’re really getting worked up over this.

Me: Sorry. I was raised to be annoyed at stupidity.

Dad: Well then I did a good job. Ha, ha, ha.

That lapse in judgment by Jack aside, I really did like this episode.  Savino is the only one who knows Jack killed Mia’s father, Rizzo. I feel like that is going to bite him in the butt later on.

Dad: Speaking of Savino, that A.D.A. was brave.

Me: For standing up to him?

Dad: Yeah. She basically threatened his wife’s life by saying he’d expose her as the spy.

Me:  And that would threaten Savino’s life too.

Dad: Where was Dixon this episode?

Me: Remember, he was handing the street-racing case.

Dad: Oh yeah. Street racing was big in those days.

Me: Let me guess, you street raced.

Dad: Nope. That was for the gear heads. They’d work on their cars all the time and then race them. I was with the jocks so we’d clean our cars up for a date on Saturday but the rest of the time it was just a mode of transportation. We were too busy “jocking” around to race.

Me: Jocking? I’m pretty sure that’s not a word.

Dad: Well I just made it one. I did participate in a style of street racing.

Me: I knew it! You are a big NASCAR fan and all.

Dad: It was more like street chasing. The Italians would chase us after we came to town and took their girls.

Me: (Facepalm).