Tractor Grease in Your Hair

Posted at 4:08 PM, Feb 06, 2013
and last updated 2013-02-21 15:54:39-05
Abby uses tractor grease in her hair instead of gel.

Abby uses tractor grease in her hair instead of gel.

Faking like you’re taking a prisoner to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, is cold- hearted, but it worked for the “NCIS” team. Still, if you didn’t realize that was fake, I don’t think you were paying attention.

Dad: There’s no way that could be real.

Me: What tipped you off?

Dad: If Gitmo was really on lockdown, Ziva wouldn’t be able to run back and forth between areas.

Me: Valid point. I thought the Gitmo idea was fake when they were on the airplane, but once they landed I was sure.

Dad: That plane brought back some memories.

Me: Of your 101st days?

Dad: Yep. We used to jump out of C-130s like that when I was in the Army. The seats even look the same.

Me: Guess not a lot has changed in… 50 years. Wow, it’s been 50 years?!

Dad: I really am old.

Me: Are you ready to go skydiving with me for your birthday?

Dad: Yeah, we’ll see about that.

(Side Note: This WILL happen).

I was so distracted tonight with any scene involving Abby. That hair was hilarious. As a girl who spent some time around tractors, I can tell you the grease you use on them is some tough stuff and smells gross. The thought of accidentally putting that in my hair makes me shiver. Yuck! But it was nice to see Abby back to her old self again.

Dad: Speaking of old, I loved how Gibbs tricked the hacker into thinking he was “old school” and didn’t know a thing about technology.

Me: In all honesty he doesn’t, but he played it up a bit for the guy’s sake.

Dad: And it worked. The young punk was being smug to the old man. That never works well for the young ‘un.

Me: I feel like you’re trying to prove a point here.

Dad: Ha, ha, ha.

McGee outsmarting the hacker was also a nice move. Plus, they left the episode open-ended to maybe wrap up at a later date.

Dad: What do you mean?

Me: Well, they found out where the top hacker was, but they didn’t chase him down yet.

Dad: Oh. That’s probably why I couldn’t remember the end of the episode.

Me: Or because you’re old.

Dad: Watch it!

I’m glad the acting director admitted he’s not cut out for the job, because that is true. But then he added “yet,” which makes me think he’s going to be sticking around a bit (insert groan here).