Virginia Beach to widen Mt. Trashmore trail

Posted at 11:02 PM, Feb 06, 2013
and last updated 2013-02-06 23:02:47-05

Whether it's walking or jogging, the trails around Mount Trashmore Park see thousands of people.

It's the busiest in the city!

So Virginia Beach saw fit to make some upgrades and improvements to the heavily used park.

"We finally found some funding to go ahead and expand the trail," says Brian Phelps of Virginia Beach Parks and Rec.

The city is tapping into the capital improvements budget to spend an estimated $200,000 to add some width to the existing trail that encompasses the lake.

There will also be fitness stations spread around throughout the entire trail, around the lake and the interior trail.

It'll be for stretching, and any pre-walk or jog exercise.

The city expects it to be finished by spring.