Portsmouth killing is man’s third murder charge

Posted at 4:15 PM, Feb 07, 2013
and last updated 2013-02-08 06:22:10-05

Portsmouth, Va.—Bruce Williams served 14 years in jail, and now he's back in police custody after they say he stabbed two women to death two years ago.

A Portsmouth grand jury charged him in the march 2011 death of Gloria Johnson on Thursday.

Johnson's body was found on a rainy Sunday on Wilcox Avenue in march of 2011.

Police long suspected Williams was behind Johnson's murder.

At this point, police won't say what bit of evidence led them to bring charges against Williams.

In February 2011, police say Williams killed Linda Gay Carrol at Effingham Plaza Apartments. He was charged in Carrol's death in April of 2011.

This is the 3rd time Williams has been charged with murder.

In 1990, Norfolk court records show he confessed to killing a woman he had just met and had sex with.

On April 14th of that year, Williams told police he was walking home from a Norfolk club.

Kathy Uzzle offered to give him a ride. He then invited Uzzle into his home, where they "wound up making love."

That love was short lived.

Uzzle demanded $100 saying "there ain't nothing free" and started to scratch him. Williams grabbed a belt and strangled her.

The fight moved into the bathroom where Williams put Uzzle's head in the toilet and held it there.

He then wrapped the woman's body up in a yellow blanket, stuffed it in her car and then drove to Widgeon Road, leaving it there.