No more bombs found in Alabama bunker

Posted at 7:06 AM, Feb 07, 2013
and last updated 2013-02-07 07:06:21-05

Town holds vigil for Ethan

MIDLAND CITY, Alabama (CNN) — No more bombs were found near Jimmy Lee Dykes’ infamous Alabama bunker. Bomb technicians left. And Thursday forensic experts will conduct an autopsy on Dykes, to officially document what killed him.

These details, released by authorities late Wednesday, all pointed to one thing. The saga that had gripped the nation, the kidnapping of a kindergartner named Ethan, was just about over.

“Our main goal was to make sure that Ethan was brought home safe and we did that. It is miraculous,” said Dale County Sheriff Wally Olson, who has been the face of the operation since Ethan’s bus driver was killed and the youngster was dragged to the underground bunker on January 29.

Crime scene workers will continue to work Thursday at Dykes’ Midland City, Alabama, home. Two bombs were discovered Tuesday inside that bunker after an FBI team stormed it and rescued Ethan.

He was freed Monday after being held underground for six days.

Ethan, whose last name has not been released, celebrated his birthday Wednesday with family members. Community members were still planning a larger celebration of the boy’s birthday and the triumphant rescue.

Olson said he was proud of how his southeastern Alabama community pulled together during the ordeal.

“This was a bad situation for our community,” said Olson. “But in such a tragic time our community stood strong. We supported each other.”

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