Driver reacts to pothole nightmare on I-264 East

Posted at 11:57 PM, Feb 08, 2013
and last updated 2013-02-08 23:57:40-05

Car after car lined the side of Interstate 264 East Friday, all disabled because of potholes VDOT claims were made worse from the morning rain. Now some drivers feel they are getting the runaround.

State police say they responded to more than 20 disable vehicles along the interstate from Ballentine Boulevard all the way through the Broad Creek Bridge. Dennis Andrick says he was one of them.

VDOT says morning rain may have caused pothole nightmare

"It felt like my car bottomed out and went airborne,” Andrick says. “Both passenger side rims were bent, both tires blown, and I need to replace both. After I went through it, I just slowly started watching vehicles pull off the side of the road with flat tires here and there."

He says he spent hours on the phone with his insurance company and VDOT.

"I was told that I need to take this up with TME Enterprises."

TME is a private company based in Chesapeake that's contracted to do maintenance work for VDOT.

On its website, in news releases and on the phone with NewsChannel 3 today , VDOT says claims should be filed with their agency.

With still no clear answers on who will step up and pay for the damages to his car, Andrick says he's now relying on helping hands.

"I’m going to rely on good friend transport me back and forth to work until I can pay for my car to get fixed and have people reimburse me," he says.

VDOT will continue emergency repairs on the potholes throughout the weekend. They say those temporary repairs will have to be enough until the spring. That's when a concrete replacement project along 264 East is slated to start.