NCDOT crews work to clear sand and water from parts of NC 12

Posted at 9:46 PM, Feb 08, 2013
and last updated 2013-02-08 21:46:29-05

NCDOT crews were on the move today clearing parts of the NC 12 of sand and water that closed parts of the highway just months after Hurricane Sandy.

"It's real bad. Floods real bad. Hard to drive through. And I mean, it's real bad, like you can ride a boat through the roads whenever it rains," says Floyd Staten of Kitty Hawk. He knows how rough NC 12 can get when strong winds and high waves send water into the road.

"You can't fight Mother Nature. You know, once she's unleashed, you know that's it," says Staten.

Not only did crews have to push sand back onto the dunes just south of the Oregon Inlet, but this was just part of the work that crews had on their hands today and over and over again along Highway 12 since Hurricane Sandy.

But according to NCDOT officials, parts of the highway were not closed Friday because of effects from Sandy.

In fact, an official with the organization says that all road work on NC 12 post-Sandy was completed on January 25th.

A section of the highway between the S curves & Mirlo Beach, however, will be repaved this spring when the weather warms up.

But while the roads have improved, dredging of the Oregon Inlet and near Hatteras have not, which is all depends on what Mother Nature brings through here.