VDOT says morning rain may have caused pothole nightmare

Posted at 5:53 PM, Feb 08, 2013

Lauren Hansen, the Public Affairs Manager with VDOT, spoke with NewsChannel 3 about the nightmare drivers have been experiencing with potholes on I-264.

More than 20 cars have been damaged.

VDOT says rain may have caused the problem.

We took action to speak with her live on the air to explain to drivers why lanes were open to traffic while there were dangerous potholes on the road. (Watch the video to hear her explanation.)

VDOT says crews are now conducting emergency pothole repairs on I-264 EB from Waterside Ave. to Broad Creek Bridge.

Lanes will be reduced in this area through rush hour and are advised to use an alternate route until the repairs are complete.

They say crews will be patching potholes using cold-mix asphalt, which is a temporary material used to fill potholes quickly during the winter.

They say this weekend, crews will be able to switch pothole patching materials to something more permanent.

If your car was damaged on Interstate I-264 from potholes, call 1-800-367-7623 so that VDOT can evaluate your claim.

Click here to report an issue to VDOT online.

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Repair Schedule:

•             Friday Evening, Feb. 8, 2013:

•             (Currently):  I-264 east from Waterside Avenue to Broad Creek Bridge

•             (after rush hour): I-264 eastbound Waterside to Broad Creek Bridge

•             Saturday, Feb. 9, 2013 (Day and Night):

•             I-264 east from Waterside Drive to First Colonial Road

•             I-264 west from First Colonial Road to Waterside Drive

•             Sunday, Feb. 10, 2013 (Day and Night):

•             I-264 east from Waterside Drive to Laskin Road

•             I-264 west from Laskin Road to Waterside Drive

•             I-  64 east from the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel (HRBT) to Indian River Road


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