Bill to add fallen Marine’s name to Virginia War Memorial advances

Posted at 9:24 PM, Feb 11, 2013
and last updated 2013-02-11 21:24:28-05

A local father is one step closer to getting results and seeing his son honored on the Virginia War Memorial.

NewsChannel 3 has followed Rick Schumann's battle to get his son recognized for nearly three years.

Marine Lance Corporal Daryl Schuman died when his helicopter crashed en route to an assignment in Syria.

Since he didn't die in combat, the lance corporal cannot be added to the war memorial.

Because Lance Corporal Schumann died in an accident and not in combat the Virginia War Memorial doesn't allow him to be enshrined like the others.

For years his father Rick has been advocating for his son's place at the site. But now there is reason to hope.

Senator John Miller has successfully passed a bill in the senate and it will be heard by a full committee of the house on Tuesday.

Senator Miller says lawmakers are tired of waiting on officials at the  memorial to make a decision on the matter themselves

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"The general assembly is going to tell them what the policy is going to be and that policy says if you died in a combat zone you are properly honored by having your name on the wall."

War memorial officials did not want to comment on the subject - referring us to Governor Bob McDonnel - whose office says he has not taken a position.

But Senator Miller says the General Assembly is about to make a bold statement, elevating Lance Corporal Shuman and 30 others to their rightful place.

"He deserves to be properly honored as do all Virginians who die in a combat zone."

A full house committee is expected to vote on the proposal tomorrow morning. If it passes, it heads to the house floor.

Senator Miller says if and when it gets that far the Schuman family wants to watch the vote in person.