Drivers still waiting for compensation after filing damage claims with VDOT

Posted at 11:53 PM, Feb 13, 2013
and last updated 2013-02-14 06:26:04-05

People who drove along I-264 east Friday have shared their stories with NewsChannel 3.

Lynn Cooper and Dennis Andrick were just two of the more than 20 drivers stranded on the interstate because of huge potholes between Ballentine Boulevard and the Broad Creek Bridge.

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NewsChannel 3 is following them and others as they file claims with VDOT to see if they get reimbursed for the damages.

Cooper filed her claim Friday.

So far, she says she has not heard back.

According to Cooper, her insurance company called VDOT to check on the status but was told that they are backed up and it will take some time because there are lots of claims.

It's the same story for Andrick.

He filed a claim Monday. Andrick says his insurance company also called VDOT but was not able to get any information from them.

Today, VDOT told NewsChannel 3 that it's only been a few days so they are still organizing claims.

Typically, they don't pay for damages. It's TME Enterprises, the contractor responsible for road maintenance, who is supposed to deal with any claims.

Because Friday's situation was deemed an emergency, VDOT is taking over.

So for now, drivers are forced to wait to find out if they'll be receiving any compensation and deal with the damages themselves until then.