Virginia leaders try to fix road funding woes

Posted at 11:33 PM, Feb 13, 2013
and last updated 2013-02-13 23:55:14-05

Governor Bob McDonnell's plan calls for an elimination of the gas tax.

On the flip side though, sales taxes would go up to 5.8 percent, making nearly everything else you buy more expensive.

The House of Delegates' plan is very similar to the governor's, but the bill that passed the House has fewer fees. It is also less ambition in its sales tax, only bumping the  sales tax to 5.5 percent.

"Even if the gas goes down, then everything's going to get worse you know?" said Neil Ruiz of Virginia Beach.

Finally there's the Senate's plan which was passed today and rejected by the House.

The senators want to raise the gas tax by five cents and tack on another 15 dollars for vehicle registration.

The Senate's plan wouldn't affect how much you pay in sales tax, that stays at five percent flat.

The state senators NewsChannel 3 spoke with say they're confident a deal will be done soon. The sense among leaders in Richmond is that the state needs to raise a billion extra dollars per year since Virginia is set to run out of money for new road construction by 2017.

So whether you're paying for the roads when you buy gas or when you go shopping, more is coming out of your pocket to pay for Virginia's highways.

"I'm worried that costs are going to go up. I actually think it'll go up anyway no matter what," said Rafael Roboes.