VDOT Timeline: Officials try to address pothole nightmare on I-264

Posted at 12:18 AM, Feb 15, 2013

It's been nearly a week since the bottom dropped out and we started asking VDOT the tough questions.

It all started with massive potholes on I-264 eastbound that left dozens of drivers stranded on Friday.

NewsChannel 3 took action to get answers from VDOT.

And Monday, NewsChannel 3 wanted to talk to Dennis Heuer about what went wrong.

Instead he sent his public relations manager Lauren Hansen.

She said the contractor TME also didn't do anything wrong.

On Tuesday, NewsChannel 3 learned that just weeks ago, TME Enterprises was discussed in front of top VDOT leaders.

Members of the commonwealth transportation board raised concerns about potholes in Hampton Roads as they approved the company's maintenance contract.

Board member Aubrey Layne says VDOT and TME failed.

So, at this point, VDOT commissioner Greg Whirley got involved taking responsibility on the record from Richmond.

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