Meet “Houdini Horse”

Posted at 9:15 AM, Feb 20, 2013
and last updated 2013-02-20 09:52:05-05

You can't keep this Michigan horse in her stall.

This horse doesn't just let herself out of the barn - she opens doors for all the other horses.

Meet the "Houdini Horse."

Her motivation is really just food.

Her real name is Mariska, a 9-year-old living at Misty Meadows Farm in Michigan - where her skill at opening everything from coolers to gates prompted owner Sandy Bonem to post a compilation of her greatest escape moves on YouTube.

As someone commented..."it just goes to show how far one trick can take a pony."

Her owner says Mariska has always been good with her mouth. For instance, when she was a baby, "she'd grab on to my zipper tabs and she would zipper our coats up and down, up and down."

But now she's more interested in letting herself into the grain room for a snack.

They had to put a chain on the door. Her owners have likewise had to modify all of their latches.

Mariska never, ever... gives up.

But when her video went viral, everyone wondered why she walked right by her mother's stall without opening it, yet opened the stalls of all the other horses.

"That was her mother in there. Her mother is the boss mare. She's very bossy."

Ok - maybe there is one other famous horse that's even better with his mouth...

Mr. Ed can even open a mailbox.

As for Houdini Horse - yeah someone said she should be Mrs. Ed.

"Unless it's a lock pickin' horse."