VDOT commissioner to take second look at I-264 pothole damage claims

Posted at 7:44 PM, Feb 20, 2013

NewsChannel 3 went to Richmond to take action for all those Hampton Roads drivers whose pothole damage claims were denied by TME Enterprises.

We asked the VDOT Commissioner how he could allow it, and he now says his department is taking action to fix things.

“We want to make sure we pay special attention to claims to make certain our citizens are being treated fairly,” says Greg Whirley.

Whirley exclusively told NewsChannel 3 today that he issued a memorandum to TME demanding paperwork from every damage claim they received and what their position on that claim was.

Now VDOT will be doing a review of each claim

More than 1,000 claims have been turned in to TME over the life of their contract for potholes.

“I will take each situation and make certain everyone is treated fairly,” says Whirley.

Local Commonwealth transportation board members also took action at their meeting Wednesday to make sure the pothole emergency never happens again.

Local board member Aubrey Layne introduced the resolution. It will stop TME`s contract from moving forward without the board`s approval and it will force the VDOT commissioner to look at changing the way all interstates are maintained in Hampton Roads in the future, making sure taxpayer dollars are put to good use in making the roads safe to travel.


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