Who Owns a Safe Deposit Box?

Posted at 3:38 PM, Feb 20, 2013
and last updated 2013-03-20 15:38:35-04
Director Vance joins Gibbs in the field after decided to join the team in his return to NCIS.

Director Vance joins Gibbs in the field after decided to join the team in his return to NCIS.

Me: I think Gibbs is building a Unabomber cabin.

Dad: What do you mean?

Me: All season he’s been building something and this time it includes a stove? It’s got to be a cabin.

Dad: I remember your Uncle Russ and me carrying one of those stoves from Jersey to Maine. It weighed 600 pounds.

It was interesting seeing Vance as part of the team this week. I guess people deal with grief in their own ways. I definitely liked seeing DiNozzo make jokes about him being a probie (newbie). Also, have you noticed how fight clubs are making a comeback?

Dad: Were they ever around?

Me: I mean everyone was talking about them after the movie came out, and now, years later, Hawaii Five-O features one and now Marines are involved in one on NCIS.

Dad: A soldier would beat the Marine. They’re just…

Me: Let’s leave your military insults for another time.

The captain seemed like an obvious killer, but the motive behind the murders is what intrigued me. His brother died after being tortured and he was giving his unit the same type of torture to toughen them up. Elsewhere, Vance discovered his wife had a separate banking account in case anything bad happened to him. She also kept a secret safe deposit box.

Me: Do people really have those?

Dad: What, safe deposit boxes?

Me: Yeah. I feel like on TV or in movies people always have a safe deposit box. I don’t know anyone who actually has one. They make it seem so common.

Dad: We opted for a fireproof safe instead.

Me: That just seems more practical to me. By the way, did you see who’s in next week’s episode?

Dad: No.

Me: Palmer is back.

Dad: (Groan).