Grandmother of two girls pulled from Norfolk fire thanks firefighters

Posted at 11:51 PM, Feb 22, 2013
and last updated 2013-02-22 23:51:53-05

We're hearing from the grandmother of two little girls who were saved from their burning Norfolk townhome.

Their mother is facing charges.

She wasn't home when flames and smoke started engulfing the home.

With her children still in the hospital after being pulled from their burning town home, Precious Wright was released on bond facing child neglect charges.

NewsChannel 3 spoke with Wright's mother on Friday.

"My daughter is a very loving mother and this was just an unfortunate incident that happened,” says Lisa McCoy.

Lisa McCoy couldn't talk a lot about the investigation or why her daughter was charged with neglect.

But NewsChannel 3 got the court documents and in them, investigators say "children were nearly burned and asphyxiated in the house fire while mother was gone and children slept."

Norfolk firefighters had to rescue the girls, 7 and 3, from a second floor bedroom while the downstairs was filled with smoke and flames.

Their grandmother says the girls are in the hospital, but doing better.

"The baby girl is doing okay, they're moving, alert. The oldest girl, she's very alert. She is, you know, trying to figure out why she's there, but she's doing fine. Both the kids are doing excellent,” says McCoy.

And, to the firefighters who saved her grandchildren...

"We just wanna thank you. We love you. We're trying to get cards out now to the fire fighters who rescued my grand babies. We just wanna say thank you, we love you,” says McCoy.

Precious Wright is free on bond but is expected back in juvenile court on March 7th. As for the cause of the fire, the fire marshal is still investigating.


Mother of two girls rescued from burning Norfolk home charged with child neglect