VDOT’s new acting administrator attempts to move agency forward after pothole emergency

Posted at 11:46 PM, Feb 22, 2013

NewsChannel 3 got a chance to meet Acting Hampton Roads VDOT Administrator Mike Estes Friday. He told us he is plowing forward with several new initiatives to fix the roads and change the way VDOT does business. See what he has done since taking over the reins from Dennis Heuer after his resignation.

It seems Estes doesn't want to re-live the past, only focus on the future. Many here in Hampton Roads are wondering, though, how we move forward if we don't know what happened in the past to fix it? We ask Estes if he is learning from the mistakes of his predecessors, and if those in the organization are still going to be held accountable for the pothole debacle.

Hampton Roads drivers still have trust issues with VDOT, so how can Estes overcome that? It will be a long, uphill battle, especially with the claims process where hundreds were turned down by TME Enterprises for their pothole damage, and with VDOT not being proactive to avoid disasters in the past. See what Estes has to say about will change, and what won't change, going forward.


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