Facebook page features stereotypes of Virginia Beach high schools

Posted at 2:04 PM, Feb 26, 2013
and last updated 2013-02-27 06:23:14-05

Virginia Beach, Va. - A Facebook page was created recently, showing what some say are stereotypes of different high schools in Virginia Beach.

Most of the images are too obscene or profane to even show on camera.

It's already gotten a lot of followers - and many of the people commenting say it's all just a "harmless joke" But is it really?

We found the page after a parent raised some concerns about it

It’s a Facebook page devoted to making fun of the stereotypes associated with high schools in Virginia Beach.

Pictures are posted on the wall with jokes written on them about each school.

Some just portray students at certain schools as being rich and snobby – others make light of underage drinking, drugs and sex.

“It is very negative, very condescending, it’s very stereotyped, it’s very racist in some of the situations says Dr. C. Rick Ellis, Ed.D. Licensed Clinical Psychologist.

He says it is concerning to see.

“As a parent, I’m concerned because I want to know whether my daughter is being exposed to this, if her friends are getting involved in these kinds of activities,” says Dr. Ellis.

While many of the people commenting on the page say it’s all in fun, Dr. Ellis says it can cause more harm than they may realize.

“Some of the kids will see it and just, oh it’s just a joke, oh it’s just funny, but what if you look like one of the kids in it? What if you did have some trouble and are trying to make your life better and these are the type of stereotypes that people are reinforcing about you, or about your school or about your area?” asked Dr. Ellis.

The page is quickly gaining popularity.

It was only created a few days ago and already more than 5,000 people have “liked” it.

NewsChannel 3 spoke with one of its creators over the phone today.  He says he and a friend, both high school students, created it as a joke.

The student says they’re not trying to bully anyone. The jokes all focus on entire schools.  He did admit though that the direction the page is going in is not what he intended.

He says as people have discovered the page they’ve started posting their own pictures and jokes and many of those are the ones that are more obscene.

Not all though, some were sent to the page and then posted by its administrators.

The page has now been unpublished.