NewsChannel 3 takes your questions to VDOT about pothole failures

Posted at 11:51 PM, Feb 26, 2013
and last updated 2013-02-27 06:21:48-05

VDOT Pothole FAIL! Crews worked on emergency pothole repairs on I-264 East on Tuesday night. NewsChannel 3's Juliet Bickford interviewed the VDOT spokesman about what's going on.

Chris Purzycki says temporary patches came apart in Tuesday's rain and he said VDOT expected this to happen.  They had crews standing by to block off the road starting at 6:30pm.  The repairs went into the early morning hours of Wednesday.

Another pothole disaster in the rain.  Sounds like a bad re-run.  Leading to many of to ask, "Are these temporary repairs are going to fail every time it rains?"  We asked Purzycki what he had to say about that.  He said, "Again, let's stress these are temporary repairs.  We've got our crews working around the clock except for rush hour getting to those problem areas."

And viewer Shea posted on Facebook, "Why can't the contractor do the job right the first time?"

Purzycki said, "We have temporary patches and they were only meant to handle the potholes as quickly as possible.  they were never meant to be permanent fixes."

We also asked him:  "Sarah says, how long will a patch last when it's made in the pouring rain?  Several of our Facebook friends were wondering if these patches were made in the rain they wouldn't hold?"

Purzycki said, "They would not.  I don't believe they would be applying the patches in the rain."

We asked if repairs were being made in another way since it's raining outside.  He said they were tying to make the road safe, but didn't have details on how.

Purzycki said crews would be out in the morning to assess whether additional repairs would be necessary once the rain stops.  He also said emergency crews would be patrolling overnight to look for any other problems.

Watch the video to hear our entire interview with VDOT!


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