Four more Hampton Roads businesses offer discounts to gun owners

Posted at 12:17 AM, Feb 28, 2013

Virginia Beach, Va. - In Virginia Beach, three businesses have decided to follow in All Around Pizza's footsteps and offer 15 percent discounts to gun owners. They are Som Bau's Cafe off of Nimmo Parkway, Mom's Kitchen off of Holland Road, and Talon Deep Cover Concealment. Another business, RDP Electrical Services LLC in Seaford, is doing the same.

"Just to see all businesses come together, I think it's wonderful," Baykham Phoutasen, owner of Som Bau's. "Just to have that common goal. I love it."

For Phoutasen, the offer is not so much about standing up for gun rights, but for freedoms in general. Born in Laos, her father brought her to America as a little girl.

"We were basically controlled by the government," she says. "It's more for the principle, for what we're standing for."

For Mom's Kitchen, a restaurant a few doors down from All Around Pizza, giving the discount made them nervous at first.

"I didn't know how people with kids with families would say you know they're offering a discount for people with guns at Mom's Kitchen,” says Lara Rabi, the owner. “I didn't know how they would view that."

In the end, Rabi says it's about supporting the second amendment, but her customers will have the final say.

"We’ve been here for a long time, 28 years, so if it affects our clientele, then we'll stop the discount,” Rabi says.

They may all have different reasons for giving 15 percent off, but Phoutasen takes pride in uniting with other businesses.

"To have a community come together to believe in something, I think it's wonderful,” she says.

Som Bau's, Mom's Kitchen, and RDP Electrical Services LLC are all offering the 15 percent discount to those who open carry or have a concealed handgun permit.Talon Deep Cover Concealment, a company that offers self defense and gun safety classes, is offering 15 percent off a basic pistol class for those who bring a proof of purchase from All Around Pizza.


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