Small business owner repairs tire for free after family’s accessible van is damaged by pothole

Posted at 10:48 PM, Mar 08, 2013
and last updated 2013-03-08 22:48:43-05

A NewsChannel 3 viewer saw a problem and decided to fix it!

When potholes on the interstate damaged a family’s accessible van, a small business owner decided to do something about it.

Hector's Tire and Rims is a small Newport News business.

Tires and rims may be the heart of this small business, but the heart of the owner is even larger when he sees need in the community.

That happened last week when he was watching NewsChannel 3.

A van landed in a pothole and VDOT’s contractor TME, has so far refused to pay!

The damaged tire and rim, sidelined the handicapped van the family uses to drive their son, who's in a wheelchair.

Seeing the report hit close to home for - store owner William Matos.

"What I was thinking was my Dad was wheel chair ridden, and I knew how important it was for him go get around,”

So William asked NewsChannel 3 to put him in touch with Shonda Sidney, and he made her an offer she couldn't refuse!

William offered to repair and replace that damaged rim and tire for free.

And what happened next well was priceless.

With that William was off to do his good deed, but that's not quite the end -- not just yet.

While his staff was hard at work doing what they do best.

We presented William with a people taking action award, along with a pin, and 100 dollar cash card - from our partners at southern bank.

The Sidney family couldn't be more grateful!

"I think it’s awesome. He's an angel,” says Shonda Sidney.

So the next time you consider a tire or rim purchase, perhaps you may consider paying it forward to a guy who does the right thing when he thinks no one is looking.

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