VDOT invoices: TME Enterprises made millions in addition to pothole contract

Posted at 7:22 PM, Mar 12, 2013
and last updated 2013-03-13 07:26:48-04

It was supposed to save the State of Virginia money, but because of a change to the way interstate maintenance contractors are paid, TME Enterprises will be banking at least $5 million dollars more than what their contract allots.

The new revelations were discovered from TME's monthly invoices sent to the state for payment.

They show months where TME made $700,000, even $ 800,000 -  which was well over the $491,000 they were supposed to be paid.

It all comes down to mowing grass, picking up trash and sweeping the highways.

VDOT removed those services from all statewide maintenance contracts back in 2010 as a part of major budget reductions.

Contractors like TME would still do it all, but by unbundling, the state thought they would save money.

It dropped TME's contract value from $32 million to $29 million over five years - but the state didn't save any money in the end.

Through December of 2012, VDOT documents show total payments made to TME have still reached that $32 million threshold.

With an average bill of at least $500,000 each month, at least another $2 million dollars will be paid to TME for their work through May of 2013.

That’s more than $34 million, $5 million beyond what their latest contract states.

New details are also coming out on the TME claims process.

NewsChannel 3 was first to find out that TME Enterprises hasn't paid a single pothole claim in 5 years.

TME Monthly Reports: No drivers paid for pothole damage claims in 5 years

Now, the company's president is attempting to respond, but the records sent over through VDOT from Matt Ehrenzeller to prove his point actually prove ours.

The single sheet of paper has 35 entries; each one represents a claim that TME has paid out over their 5 year contract.

35 claims were paid totaling just $21,297.

Going through the list, there are entries for Glass Doctor, Budget Auto Glass, and Safelite--all for damages to car windshields.

There are even claims paid out for damage from sweeper trucks or gates blowing off and striking a car.

None of the 35 entries shows these claims have anything to do with pothole damage - the list only supports what NewsChannel 3 first reported last week: That TME Enterprises has never paid out a single pothole claim.

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