VDOT documents show TME Enterprises highly rated in the past, despite potholes

Posted at 7:06 PM, Mar 18, 2013
and last updated 2013-03-19 08:00:48-04

While drivers were dodging potholes and crumbling concrete TME Enterprises was getting all A's over the last two years when it comes to how they maintained the pavement on our interstates.

The information is contained in Maintenance Rating Program Evaluations which was just released to NewsChannel 3 by VDOT as part of a Freedom of Information Act request.

The MRP, as its most commonly known, is performed twice a year by a third-party company that goes up and down the interstates documenting all the work TME Enterprises performed, and determining where they passed, and where they failed.

It’s the main way VDOT determines how good of a job the contractor is doing.

TME passed VDOT's tests with flying colors, yet at the same time, the Hampton Roads interstates they maintained won the title of worst ride quality in the state.

VDOT's own pavement data shows I-264 and I-64 to be in "very poor condition."

So how was this allowed to happen? How was TME able to continue to get paid, when our roads were in ruins?

According to the state's chief engineer, the problem was inside the maintenance rating program itself.

VDOT's internal pothole report says the MRP "does not consider pavement sections that are included in rehabilitation contracts."

Pictures of documented potholes on I-64 were not even considered in TME's rating.

I-264 east in Norfolk wasn't even one of the sites examined in TME's evaluation.

Both roads caused the most problems for drivers.

So with TME now out of the picture in the future, what else needs to change inside VDOT to make sure this never happens again?

It will all be decided on Wednesday at the Commonwealth Transportation Board meeting.

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